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*There are very few dealers that handle Subaru cars.

It is hard for general service stations and petrol stations to inspect and service Subaru cars as Subaru cars have got a unique horizontally-opposed engine with one pair of cylinders. Many mechanics cannot cope with repairing the main engine and have trouble recognizing the unique boxer engine sound because the system of the engine is very different to other cars'.

In fact, the sales of Legacy has rapidly increased since 1993 but general dealers have dealt with several Legacies only. So we hear “Our mechanics have never fixed Subaru cars.”

Even now, the number of service stations which can check Subaru cars in detail is still low. So we recommend that customers should choose “Specialist outlets” that knowledgeable mechanics work for. We believe that we are Subaru specialists as we have dealt with Subaru cars for 10 years. We can recognize issues with individual cars that may cause problems in the future.

We can offer a variety of ways of repair in order to reduce the burden on the car, and the cost.

*Oil leaking from the engine

It is said that a Subaru car's weak point is oil leaking from the engine.

As you know that a Subaru car has got a unique horizontally-opposed engine with one

pair of cylinders similar to a bottle on its side. Naturally, liquid will more easily leak from the bottle. However, Subaru cars achieve high-performance and safety because of the system of the engine. So we do recommend that customers have their cars periodically checked at service stations that Subaru mechanics work for. We use hard oil to prevent it from leaking from the engine.

*Do screws come loose too easily?!

Cars have a variety of parts and screws. If the screws come loose, what happens to cars? Cars themselves become unstable. Some people say that screws of Subaru cars come loose too easily. When we human beings use our power to lift a heavy item, the weight is distributed through our bodies. The Legacy is powerful so it imposes a burden on the body of the car. Regarding cars, once screws become loose, noise or vibration can occur and oil may start to leak. If screws of the underside of cars became loose, an accident would happen. In order to prevent this, we do recommend that owners of Subaru cars should have their cars checked at approved service stations that can handle exchanging brakes and replacing engines.

*Non accident cars

If you want to enjoy Subaru cars, you have to choose a car that has never been in an accident.

If a car has been in a big accident, it may make the chassis curved. Once a chassis is curved, we cannot straighten it. So the difference to the original shape can lead to problems with the car. So cars that have been in accidents can easily break down and manufacturers cannot warranty such cars. Before you purchase a car, you must make sure that it has never been in an accident .

You should purchase a car at a specialist outlet that handles only non-accident cars. In addition, the dealer should have a service station which can inspect the cars and support the owners. Moreover, you should be able to ask the staff to explain on the maintenance history of the car. You should really pay attention to scratches on the surface of the car and be careful of claims that “The car just touched something” by the salesperson.

-How to choose a dealer-

*Taking a test drive

In general, used cars' conditions depend on the previous owners. Usually, when you purchase cars, you consider the registration, grade, mileage, accessories, budget and colour etc. Sometimes people purchase cars without taking a test drive.

In the case of Subaru cars, it is very important to take a test drive so that you can check whether or not the car maintains a stable ride. Especially, with regard to turboengine cars, if an ex-owner drove the car very hard, you could undoubtedly discover problems with the engine through a test drive.

We do not recommend that customers purchase cars at dealers which refuse customers a test drive.

*The relationship between dealers and customers

You should choose a dealer that cares for customers after purchasing a car as much as before the purchase, and take into consideration details such as oil exchange, car inspection and insurance.

Another thing to look out for is whether or not customers who already bought cars at a dealer pay a visit to that dealer afterwards. If the number of customers who already purchased cars at a dealer is higher than the number of customers who want to purchase cars, it can be a sign that the dealer takes good care of customers.

*The staff = The dealer

Dealers depend on the quality of their staff member. If the staff are genuinely interested in Subaru cars and appreciate what the customers have to say, they will be able to give good advice to them. Before you go to a dealer, please check the internet, Subaru enthusiast websites, or ask your friends and find a trusted dealer

-Check points of after-sales service-

* Correspondences at the time of the trouble

Whether or not a dealer corresponds 24/7, 365days a year.

You should check their ability to respond to your emergencies nationwide. Of course, you should check that the service station/ the dealer will let you know when you need to change the oil, and have your car maintenance and car inspection( by letter/E-mail/phone).

*Checking the car condition

When you change the oil, some dealers' service stations will check the car's condition. They will take into consideration the potential future problems of the car and give some advice and a contact number. Having knowledge of your car's condition can reduce your stress. So you can enjoy your car!

The difference of the quality

Dealers: Generally, they deal with high quality cars.

Subaru specialist outlets: ?? Some outlets handle high quality cars. It depends on the dealer.

The range of cars

Dealers: They have a huge number of cars nationwide. Their basic policy is to sell new cars so there is a wide selection of new and more expensive cars.

Subaru specialist outlets: We have a wide range of cars with different kinds of registration, mileage, and colour. We also have limited edition cars. Auto Frontier is one of the largest outlets in Japan as a Legacy, Impreza and Forester specialist outlet stocking more than 400 cars at any time in order to meet the requests of our customers.

After-sales service

Dealers: When a problem is found out, they might simply repair it, without thoroughly checking for potential problems in the future.

Subaru specialist outlets: Every used car is unique, so inspections and services for used cars need experience and knowledge. With a Subaru specialist outlet, the important point is whether or not it has a service station that is approved by District Transportation Bureau . Our repair shop is, of course, approved by Kanto District Transportation Bureau. Not only do we repair problems but find out potential future problems based on experience and knowledge. In addition, we give some advice regarding maintenance.

The staff

Dealers: They take really good care of customers.

Subaru specialist outlets: ?? Most staff are fans of Subaru cars. Because of our familiarity with Subaru cars, we are in a position to help customers with any problem, big or small. However , you should check whether or not you can trust a particular specialist outlet so you should try to get as much information as you can.

Used parts

Dealers: ~ Basically, they do not deal with used parts. They exchange old parts with new parts.

Subaru specialist outlets: ?? Not only do we handle new parts, but also used parts and other parts from other brands. It is possible to reduce the costs to our customers using used parts. Auto frontier runs exclusive Subaru new and used parts outlets.

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