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The period and fee

You can choose a 2year or 3year guarantee from the date of the car is registered.

2years 39,800yen

3years 59,800yen

The contents

During the term of a guarantee, if these items go wrong and Auto Frontier recognises the defect, we will change the item without charging.

Including Excluding
Engine mechanism
Cylinder head Cylinder block Turbocharger Intercooler
Bulb mechanism Fry wheel Supercharge Timing belt
Piston Oil pan Timing belt Water pump
Air flow meter Throttle body Idler cooling belt Intercooler


Knock sensor

Exhaust pipe Muffler
Crank shaft    
Fuel pump Jet pump Fuel tank Fuel metre
Fuel injector Fuel pressure regulator Fuel element  
Jet nozzle Injection pump  
Cooling device
Condenser motor Fan pulley Radiator hose LLC
Water temperature sensor Electric control type oil pressure wiring system fan Fan belt Reservoir tank
The main body of radiator   Thermostat  
Oil pump    
Start device
Starter motor 2    
Ignition switch Ignition coil  
High-tension cord Distributor  
Charge device
Alternator Regulator  
Power transmission mechanism
A/T transmission Torque converter Trans axle Propeller shaft
A/T cooler hose A/T select lever Drive shaftClutchi disc
Manual transmission Clutch master cylinder not including slipping of the clutch
Clutch cover Release bearing  
Release fork Differential gear  
Heater unit Heater core Motor Rail
Heater water bulb Blower motor Peripheral resin connector  
Blower motor register Air-conditioner unit  
CompressorCompressor magnet clutch  
Evaporator Condenser
Receiver tank Expulsion valve
Switches etc.
Oil pressure switch Back lamp switch Stop lamp switch  
Electric mirror
Angle adjustment mechanism Angle adjustment switch Mirror Motor to store
Wiring Main body of control comprete set Switch to store  
Heater Electronic door  
Door Sensor  
Wiring Motor  
Door lock
Door rock Vehicle speed sensor Key cylinder  
Motor Main body of controller complere set  
Wiring Actuator  
Power window
Regulator Motor Glass channel Striker
Lower sash    
Metre etc.
  Main body of meter Cable
Engine mechanism
Including Excluding
Gear box Power steering parts Steering wheel Main shaft
  Column tubeSteering sheel pad
  Horn button Steering column housing
  Power steering belt  
Front and back axle mechanism
Suspension arm Strut
Spring Shock absorber
StabilizerSteering Knuckle
Pole joint Axle sheft
Wheel cap Axle housing
Axle hub  
Break mechanism
Master cylinder Disk break caliper Break shoe pad Break lining
Break booster Parking break Disk rotor  
ABS(ESC) Break brum  
Electronic control mechanism
Engine control computer Mission control computer Suspention control computer Handsfree telephone computer
Fuel injection computer Power steering control computer Wiper amplifier Radio aerial
Multi display Electric window amplifier  
Occupant protection mechanism
Seat belt Air bag
Seat belt timer  
Body painting Rust guarantee
  Rust hole in shell body Surface paint trust
Air cleaner element Oil filter
Fuel filter V belt(air -conditioner,fan and power steering)
Distributor kit Spark plug
Fuse Other bulbs
Other hoses Windshield wiper rubber
Oils and fluids etc.
Engine oil Transmission gear oil
Differential Gear oil Steering gear oil and power steering fluid
Automatic transmission fluid Break fluid
Clutch fluid Shock absorber fluid
Window washer fluid Cylinder blockGrease, lubricating oil and battery(except hybrid car)
LLC Battery fluid
Petrol,Light oil, LPG and CNG Air conditioner gas
In certain cases,some items listed under expendable supplies, oils and fluids may be included.
Cost for changing the battery Terminals
Exchange belts Hoses
Air cleaner Spark plug
Oil element Engine oil
Gear oil Disk pad
Break lining Audio system
Power seat  

*1 The guarantee includes a repair for damage to the main body of the radiator.

*2 The guarantee does not cover the inspiration of the starter motor due to faulty battery cables.

*3 Regarding multi-display, the guarantee only includes models that are installed in air-conditioners.

•  If the trouble is caused by the customer installing third-party components, or an accident,

it shall be paid for by the customers.

•  If there is a problem on parts which are not listed above, it shall be paid for by the customer.

The guarantee excludes:


•  Troubles caused by user error or tampering

•  Troubles caused by natural disaster, war and riot

•  Troubles caused by accident and the aftereffects of it

•  Troubles caused by remodelling and parts which are installed after the car is purchased.

•  The expenses that are caused by the revision of laws and ordinances, or the instructions of government offices. e.g. Emission controls for diesel cars


Regarding the term and responsibilities

Only problems that occur and are recognised during the term of a guarantee, we guarantee them.

Other instructions

・We cannot accept requests regarding brand and grade of the parts, oils and fluids etc.

・If you remodel the car and it has an effect on the function, we cannot accept it. Also, after we accept a car and the car is remodelled, the contract becomes void.

・We may refuse to accept your car because of the model, or the way you use your car. ・Please contact the dealer,

if you change your address or telephone number.

・If you change the user, the contract becomes void except changing to a family member who lives with the original user.

・Only domestic cars are intended to be covered by the warranty.

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