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Auto Frontier can take over warranties from Subaru dealers.


The term and fee:

After the car is registered,

•  Either five years or 100,000 km has elapsed since the car's registration.

•  If you pay 39,800yen, you can transfer the reminder of the warranty from Subaru.

# The period or distance, whichever comes first.

The contents

E You can make repairs at Subaru dealers all over Japan.

E In addition to the parts listed below, the most critical parts are under extended warranty.

Parts that are guaranteed: Please contact Subaru dealers for further details.

1, General guaranteed parts (All parts except 2,3,4)

2, Critical parts under extended warranty

Crank case Piston Cylinder head Connecting rod
Timing belt etc. Oil pump Crank shaft Fry wheel
Bulb system    
Exhaust depurator
EGR bulb EGR pipe Vacuum controller Bulb system
Solenoid valve Vehicle speed sensor Catalyst device(catalyst sontainer,catalyst) Water temperature sensor etc.
Steering shaft Tie rod Universal joint Gear box
Rubber coupling Rack and pinion Power steering pump Steering wheel etc
Crossmember Strut (Power)Transfer link Trailing arm
Tension rod Housing Axle shaft etc.  
Brake caliper Wheel cylinder Hand brake lever Master cylinder
Foot brakes Brake pedal etc.  
Power transmition system
Clutch cover Transmission case Extension case Manual transmission internal components
Automatic transmissioninternal components CVT internal components Transfer internal components Driveshaft
Differential carrier(Member&Amount) Drive-pinion, Differental case Living gear Side gear
Pinion gear etc .    
Electronic control unit
Electronic control fuel injection device Electronic control automatic transmission CVT Electric power steering
Electro pneumatic suspention Anti-lock brake Cruise control Vehicle speed response-type power steering etc.
Occupant protection device
Seatbelt Airbag etc.  


3)Comsumables, oils and fluids,etc.

Spark flug V belt Air cleaner element Fuel filter
Oil filter Fusable link Contact set Brush holder
Brake lining Brake pad Wiper blade Brush for motors
Fuse Clutch disc Vrious electric bulbs Engine oil
Transmission oil Automatic transmission oil CVT fluid Brake fluid
Coolant Grease Washer liquid Battery liquid
Petrol Power steeling fluid Air-conditioner gas Differeatail oil
Other lubricating oil    


4, Parts specifically guaranteed for light cars

The guarantee of the specific guarantee part for light cars (under1000cc)

Silencer or muffler


The Period: the guarantee becomes void either one year from registration or the car reaches 20,000km, whichever is first.

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