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The period and fee

•  Until either 3months has elapsed, or more than 3,000 km has been added to the mileage since

the delivery of the car.

・ No charge

# Either the period or mileage your car reach earlier.

The contents

During the period of the guarantee, if some fault occurs with structures listed below, and Auto Frontier recognises the defective, we will change the part without charge.

The warranty includes:

Engine internal mechanism Cylinder head/ block and Internal components

Power transmission mechanism Transmission and Propeller shaft

Steering mechanism Steering column, Gear housing and (Power) steering

・ Front and back axle mechanism ( Rear) axle and Front suspension

The warranty excludes:

・ Cars that have been repaired in a factory which is not designated by us.

・ If the car was remodelled as a result the function of the car is not correct.

・ Problems that occur through rough treatment, human error or accident.

・ Fading of the paintwork, rust of metal, the deterioration of the spring.

・ Sound, vibration and the oil that escapes from the car without effect on the vehicle's operation.

・ Expendable supplies and accessories as follows:

Spark plug, brake lining, clutch facing, various element fuses, lamps, bulbs, belts, hose, , clock, resin connector, radio, air-conditioner, cooler, stereo, and things which are similar to these

・ Engine trouble on the motorway, transmission, cracks on the windshield or damage etc.

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